Welcome to Lismore Primary School

Lismore Primary School is a small friendly school, which is embedded in the life of the community on our tiny island. It is a family school where children, families, staff and friends can feel at home. The school is a happy, bright and welcoming place where achievements and learning are celebrated by everyone. There is a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect, consideration and security.

In School Council meetings the children have discussed how they would like the school to be and have developed a school contract:

We want our school to:
Be a happy place
Feel safe
Be a place we want to come to
Be a place where we learn lots of things to help us when we are older
Be friendly and fair with nobody left out
Be eco-friendly and healthy

We will try our best to:
Take responsibility for our learning
Feel positive about ourselves
Develop good relationships and be polite and thoughtful towards other people
Enjoy school and help other children to do the same
Lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle
Follow the school’s golden rules