Lismore Primary School is very much a family school where both parents and children feel at home. Parents are welcome to drop in for a quick chat or to see what the children are doing. Our celebrations such as Christmas Lunch are family affairs with children inviting their parents or carers. We actively encourage the involvement of parents in many areas of school life and there are many ways that parents can feel involved.

Communication with parents
We really value our relationship with parents and carers and encourage frequent communication between home and school. If you wish to speak to someone at school about any matter, please do not hesitate to drop in or ring.

Formal Parental Consultations are held three times a year but we actively encourage parents to drop in for an informal chat, to telephone the school or make an appointment at any point in the year if they have any concerns at all. We will also call you if we have any concerns about your child.

A formal written report is issued in May and the children complete End of Term reviews four times a year.

We keep parents informed about upcoming activities through a weekly diary sheet “The Weeks Ahead” and we send out a bi-monthly newsletters.

As an eco school, wherever possible we try to communicate with parents by telephone and email to avoid unnecessary waste of paper. If you would prefer letters and information to be sent in hard copy please contact Denise in the school office.

Children’s learning and progress
We are keen for parents and carers to be involved in the development and learning of their child and keep them informed using the Personal Learning Plan.

Each child has a Personal Learning Plan which they take home from school each day. This gives brief details of work covered during the school day as well as any particular successes the child has achieved. Any homework is also detailed here. Parents are asked to complete this Personal Learning Plan for their child on a daily basis and are invited to make comments about the day.

Each child also completes a brief weekly review and we encourage parents to read this with their child and write a comment if they wish.

At Lismore Primary School, we believe that homework is a way for parents and carers to stay involved in the development of their child and continue to help them. We try to provide activities that will facilitate this including hearing your child read, helping them with new sounds and words, tables learning etc. The tasks set will depend on the work the child is currently doing, their level and rate of progress.

Other ways of getting involved
Parents can also contribute throughout the year by helping out in various activities. Here are some examples:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise in some aspect of the curriculum, e.g. topic talk, history, science, etc
  • Accompanying educational visits/trips
  • School concerts and plays – making costumes, props, supervision of children Road safety – Cycle Training
  • Fundraising events
  • Extra-curricular activities e.g. coaching, sports/art clubs/country dancing School grounds – maintenance of garden/allotment areas

If you wish to be a regular parent helper, PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checks have to be completed. Please discuss this with staff.