Parent Council

Parent Councils are now established in all Argyll & Bute primary and secondary schools. The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 recognises the vital role that parents play in supporting their children’s learning.

The basic principle under-pinning the Act is the desire to have children become more “confident learners” through closer working between each family and school. It is anticipated that this can be done in three ways. These are: –

  1. Learning at Home: direct parental involvement in the child’s learning at home and in the community.
  2. Home/School Partnership: closer working partnerships between parents and the school – such partnerships being essential to ensure that the child gets maximum benefit from its school experiences.
  3. Parental Representation: Parent Councils will be parent led and school supported, with all parents being automatically members of the “Parent Forum”, with the Parent Council representing their views.

Lismore Primary School has a very enthusiastic and active Parent Council. Every family is represented and the group meets about once a month.

It takes a keen interest in the school providing a forum for exploring ways in which the school can work better for their children as well as holding fund-raising events and seasonal activities for the children.

The Parent Council has discussed the formation of the vision, aims and values of the school and has been consulted about various school policies and the Personal Learning Plans. This year those who wish will help to develop the school’s improvement plan in consultation with the children and the staff. The group organised an Island Christmas Post and a very successful summer Family Ceilidh to raise funds. They hold children’s parties for Hallowe’en, Christmas and Easter.

Please telephone the school for contact details of the Chair of the Parent Council.

Chair of the Parent Council – Mrs Brona MacDougall
Treasurer – Mrs Mary Walker