Vision Aims and Values

We are striving to become an excellent school that enables our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens, and effective contributors

We aim to make the school a friendly place with a happy, relaxed, family atmosphere where children from all parts of the island work and feel safe and protected and where effort is valued and success is celebrated.

We aim to create a rich and stimulating environment – to ensure that every child has the widest possible range of opportunities in which to experience success; to develop an enthusiasm for learning and to prepare them for the challenges they will meet in their education and in life outside school.

We recognise that whilst academic achievement is fundamental, an all round education will encourage a child to develop as a whole person. We therefore aim to provide opportunities for children to find their own interests and talents, to enjoy success and to persevere in the face of initial failure.

We aim to foster strong links and partnership with parents and carers, providing opportunities throughout the year to promote home/school links and to give each child a sense of responsibility for and involvement in their local community.

We aim to encourage everyone to appreciate the environment and to have a positive attitude to health and well-being

To address geographical isolation we will develop our links with other schools and encourage staff to take every opportunity to maintain their professionalism.

We value and encourage creativity, a healthy lifestyle and high self esteem.

We treat every student as an individual, recognising and responding to their different learning and personal needs and encouraging them to achieve their potential.

We value the philosophy of positive discipline and believe that students learn through encouragement and positive support. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students, and to a policy of non-discrimination and freedom from prejudice with regard to sex, age, ethnicity, religion, disability and race.

We value high standards and expect and encourage everyone to achieve their potential. We encourage all to respect and value the beliefs and high achievements of others in order to create a mutually supportive learning environment.

We value the cooperation between children, staff, parents, carers and the community work which makes the school a unique place where children can be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.