About us

Lismore Primary School is a small school which serves children from the whole of the Isle of Lismore in the Lynn of Lorn. As a small school, all the staff know the children and their families very well. Parents are encouraged to drop into school for a chat or to see what the children have been doing. The children are proud of their school and enjoy showing friends and relations where they work and telling them about their learning.

We have a deep understanding of each child and their individual needs. We draw out particular skills and can identify areas for development. Learning and teaching is tailored to the needs of each pupil. Children have a high level of participation in all activities from classroom discussions and circle times to concerts and plays enabling each child to develop the self confidence that comes from achieving and being recognised.

In our one class of P1-P7, the children are expected to be responsible, tolerant, caring and sensitive to the needs of their peers and to every member of the school community. They see themselves as a team and are encouraged to support each other in every aspect of school life.

The school is bright and cheerful inside and together with the grounds creates a wealth of possibilities for learning. We seek to foster lively and enquiring minds and believe children should find learning enjoyable, worthwhile and challenging. We have the highest expectations for our young learners. They are encouraged always to do their best and to take a pride in everything they do. They have a clear set of Golden Rules which are of a common sense nature, bearing in mind the interest and safety of all concerned. They have clear boundaries and are rewarded for good behaviour. The children are involved in planning their learning, setting their own targets and assessing progress made. Staff, parents and friends also make suggestions and put forward ideas for learning opportunities.

The school aims to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and collective responsibility. Pupils, parents and staff all have an important part to play in producing and sustaining this positive ethos. Each child, together with their parents or carers and their teacher sign a contract at the beginning of the year to emphasise this.

Children work hardest when they know their work will be appreciated and praised. All staff encourage pupils at all times and in all activities to be the best they can be. Their effort may be rewarded verbally by praise, or non-verbally with stickers, golden time and weekly certificates. We celebrate the children’s achievements both in and out of school through our Golden time system (designed by the children) through the awarding of certificates, reports posted on the Lismore community website and on the Sharing Argyll Learning blog and published in our newsletters and the local paper and through our circle times and open evenings.

At Lismore we aim to give children the widest possible range of experiences both in and out of the classroom so that they develop an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

Whilst academic achievement is fundamental, an all round education will encourage a child to develop as a whole person. At Lismore Primary School we aim to provide opportunities for children to find their own interests and talents, to enjoy success and to persevere in the face of initial failure.